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The principle of button switch and the connection method of Pushbutton switch
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Speaking of the button switch, I believe a lot of people do not feel strange, but if you want to really let you tell the details of it, and accurately answer the button switch principle, or let a lot of people confused. Today, the macro-poly electronic for everyone to tell you what the button switch principle and button switch wiring method.
Button Switch principle
Button switch refers to the use of the button to promote the transmission mechanism, so that the dynamic contacts and static contacts and disconnect and realize the switch circuit. Button switch is a simple structure, but the application of a very wide range of main-order appliances. In the electric automatic control circuit, it is used to manually emit control signal to control contactor, relay, electromagnetic starter, etc.
The button switch can complete the basic control of start, stop, reverse turn, variable speed and interlock. Generally, each button switch has two pairs of contacts. Each pair of contacts consists of a constant open contact and a constant closed contact. When the button is pressed, the two pairs of contacts move at the same time, often closed contact points are disconnected, often open contact points closed.
In order to mark the function of each button, avoid misoperation, usually the button hat to make a different color, to show the difference, its color is red, green, black, yellow, blue, white and so on. For example, red indicates a stop button, green indicates a starter button, and so on. The main parameters of the button switch, the type, the size of the mounting hole, the number of contacts and the current capacity of the contact, are described in detail in the product specification.
How to connect the button switch
DC control capacity is very low. This is mainly because the DC does not have 0 points (current 0 crossover points) as the AC, so it is very difficult to eliminate once the arc is produced and the arc time is very long. and the current direction is unchanged, so there will be contact migration phenomenon, contact will be due to uneven and can not be disconnected, may lead to misoperation.
Some kinds of load of constant current and inrush current vary greatly. Need to be used within allowable surge current values. The greater the surge current in the closed circuit, the greater the consumption and migration of the contacts, the contact can not switch due to the weld and migration.
In the case of electrical induction, the reverse induction voltage will be generated, the higher the voltage, the greater the consumption and migration of the contacts, therefore, the need to confirm the rated conditions, in the ratings of the control capacity, but only these are not enough, when connected and cut the voltage, current waveform, the type of load and other special load circuit, the actual equipment must be tested to confirm. Micro-load products are needed for small voltages and currents. The use of general-purpose silver contacts may result in reduced contact reliability.

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