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Future development trend of electronic switch manufacturers
作者:Steven 发布于:2017-07-05 17:59:07 点击量:
With the innovation of information technology, electronic switch manufacturers are also undergoing a great change, switch industry is also in the direction of information, automation and intelligence, intelligent switch has become the next generation of manufacturing industry's important content.
1 Information: Electronic switch information technology, network technology, modern management and manufacturing technology combined, it has driven the innovation of the research and development process of the switch technology, the innovation of the product design method and tool, the innovation of the management mode, the innovation of the manufacturing mode, the realization of the digital design of the products, the networked manufacturing and the agile manufacturing, the rapid response to the market change and the customer demand,
2 Automation: The perfect combination of sensory systems, execution systems and control systems with related machinery and equipment, constitutes an efficient, highly reliable automatic equipment and flexible production line, will achieve automatic, flexible and agile manufacturing.
3 intellectualization: On the basis of informationization and automation, the knowledge of toggle switch is integrated into manufacturing process to realize intelligent design process, intelligent manufacturing process and intelligent manufacturing equipment, and will realize anthropomorphic manufacturing. So that the manufacturing process has a better judgment and adaptability, improve product quality, production efficiency, will also significantly reduce the manufacturing process material, energy consumption and emissions.

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