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Selection and load requirements of ship-shaped switches
作者:Steven 发布于:2017-07-05 17:59:18 点击量:
Now the power of household appliances is increasing, but also on the ship-shaped switch load requirements are higher, especially the electrical power that moment (many poor ship-shaped switch is to be energized when the instantaneous powerful current burned, good boat-shaped switch can pass the current of more than 16A, and the general can only pass 10A current.
1 First look at the protection door, with a bit of strength, screwdriver or small key to poke two holes in the side or three holes in the bottom of a hole, if the poke into the door is a unilateral protection, which is not. It is clear that the socket is not safe enough. And the texture is soft,
2 second look at copper pieces of materials. If you see the bright yellow through the jack, just give up. Brass is easy to rust. Time a long contact, conductive performance will be reduced. If the copper piece color is purple red is better, the copper is more toughness, does not easily rust. Direct look not yet, generally also want to open look. A lot of sockets are Jack here with copper, inside all with brass, also easy to rust. Even with copper, there is a difference. Most brands of copper pieces are several pieces of mosaic, with the Rivet interface, so that the interface will also heat, affect the conductivity. Technology comparison now into the brand will use the whole piece of copper to do the inside of the bronze, so that the conductivity of a lot of two holes and three hole distance is relatively near,
3 third, see two or three interpolation between the distance bar. Some products are not considered so much. Inserted three holes, the two holes are changed because the plug is large, the place accounted for these problems in the purchase of sockets must be considered clearly.


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